​electronic documentation 

Our Mission:

To provide  a way to meaningfully document services on the go,  so school-based therapists can spend time doing what they are trained for : actively working with students and teachers to help students access their education while having notes & data on students readily available for clinical reasoning, accountability and reporting.

Our History: 

A school-based OT, a medical business owner & iPad adaptor and  a developer began this project four years ago to provide some electronic documentation system for school therapists to account schedule easily, bill accurately, save their notes in student files from their calendar and save their sanity.  As a result we built a program that provides  seamless scheduling, IEP related notes, information you can use for your reports or IEP progress notes while the program tracks hours for billing, medicaid or administrative reporting. The results?  You get to enjoy being a better therapist while the program takes care of your paperwork. Try it and see! 

"After over 35  years working with students, technology has finally allowed me to get my notes done quickly then access that information later when I need it: for billing, hours use, student data - everything. The results? Better OT service, accurate  reporting, less worrying and more time for myself. I don't know how I did my job without it." ​
                Cheryl Harrington, M.ED., OTR/L